Square Volume Control Dampers (SQR-VCD)

Square Volume Control Dampers (SQR-VCD)


Single / double volume control dampers are designed for quiet, efficient and

reliable air volume control in ventilation



CASING: Casing / Frame in manufactured from 18 Ga. (1.2 MM)

Galvanized sheet.

BLADE: Single skin / double skin / Aluminum

BUSHES: Brass / PVC bushes are standard.

SPINDLE: Blades are connected to the casing by means of spindle which is mild steel electro galvanized.

Size shall be 10 mm / 12 mm round and square.

LINKAGE: Galvanized steel

MECO QUADRANT: Manual is standard supply with open / close indication, locking type quadrant made of galvanized steel with full open and shut marking,